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Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Cangkuang Lake

There Cangkuang located about 16 km to the north of Garut. There are in this village Cangkuang District Leles, Garut Regency. To go to this location from the District Leles Tourists usually use vehicles delman (carriage) is unique. There Cangkuang partially enclosed by a beautiful lotus flower.

There is a small island in the middle there, where a Cangkuang Lake located. Didalam Situ itu terdapat patung Siwa Hindu. Lake was found inside the statue of Siwa Hinduism. Cangkuang have been built in the Sunda first the kingdom of the Kingdom of Galuh. Lake is near the grave monument of Islam, namely Muhammad Arif. He was one of the kingdom of Mataram from Central Java who went on the attack Dutch Batavia in the 17th century. His attack fails, he does not come back, but he settled in the Cangkuang area to teach and spread Islam to the people, precisely in Pulo village where his descendants live to this day.

At Pulo village there is a tradition that consists of 6 units of a row house and face-to-face, each on the left 3 units and 3 units on the right with a mosque. Second row are not allowed and should not be reduced, which dwells there only 6 families. For Situ a cross to Cangkuang we can use the transportation that is a traditional raft made of bamboo, but safe and comfortable while looking at the beautiful panoramic view, with the background mountains. Available lodging and restaurants with simple facilities. Parker place knowledgeable, the houseboat, a small museum, Mushola, toilet, and play for children.

Heritage Cangkuang Lake is one a tourist destination is in Garut regency. Strength of the tourism attractions in Cangkuang Lake in which there is a historical site that lake quite rare and is the only form of historical heritage that have a value (etiquete, social, science, and culture) in a complete Garut regency.

Power Pull tour historical heritage Cangkuang Lake have their own uniqueness with the lake / lake that encircle the location of the lake is part of the historical value that can not be separated from the history is there. Based on the concept of cultural heritage attraction offered two forms of attraction which is the one form of in sites (the site) and landscape (there) and is rarely held by other tourist destinations in both the District and Garut in West Java. Other tourism attractions in the area of support Cangkuang Lake is the way to achieving lake using the raft, and tourism activities that is capable of developing such as recreation, picnic, fishing, researching / learning culture and unique lake Pulo village, society, and the tour religi.

Overall physical environment in Cangkuang Lake is good quality. Ssurrounded by Cangkuang lake provide unique value compared with other places with similar. In addition, geographically Cangkuang Lake area has a wide (340.775 ha) with the administration and the natural limits of the species. Topographic condition that has a flat configuration hilly land with slope slightly sloping to provide ease of achievement lake. While the condition of geological stability and the absorption
power of good land and a low level of erosion into Cangkuang lake safety damage from natural disturbances. Low visibility conditions and free of visible signs obstructed. However, there are several factors natural environment that need to get more attention, especially in the planning of land due to waste the visitor, just the noise level because of the location close to residential space and the pattern of concentrated as customary land. That conditions can reduce the level of comfort as well as tourists so that the determination of conservation of nature needs to be
improved to avoid the problem of ecosystem damage.

In addition Cangkuang Lake is one of the destinations are in Garut regency, the name taken from the name cangkuang tree (Pandanus Furcatus) that there are still around the area and terdapanya Lake or Cangkuang Lake which is the chronological history of Islam that is of heritage value there Cangkuang Lake made as a tourist destination is very interesting. Tourist attraction that support Cangkuang Lake is the way to achieving lake using the raft, and tourism activities that have been developed, such as recreation, picnic, fishing, research / learn the culture and unique Situ, and tour religi.

Source : http://english.garutkab.go.id/galleries/pdf_link/ekonomi/investasi/cangkuang.pdf

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